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chapters across 11 states & 3 countries


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art pieces created as expression by youth

The Crane Project is an organization created by youth for youth in hopes to empower them and be a voice for them in a world that shuts theirs down. We follow three key pillars:

initiatives and projects launched


We started off primarily focusing on this portion of our project. Our world constantly undermines youth and their abilities, so we wanted to create a platform where all youth could discuss and share all their ideas and opinions.

For this pillar, all our projects and work are centralized around empowering youth of all types. We not only publish all their work on our blog, but we provide multiple other opportunities to stand out through our subsidiaries and projects.


In this pillar of our project, we work to push our changes in the community around us and go out to make change. This is primarily seen in all our initiatives and projects. We have chapters with youth who publish these changes in their cities.

We organize projects in all different fields of activism so that we can make an impact in many different areas. Whether it is calling for a change or going out and doing it, our organization thrives.


The last pillar of our project is educating. As you know, knowledge is power. Although we have the chance to go out and make a change ourselves, in this big world, it's important to teach others too so they understand the importance as well.

We spread information through our social media pages which include informational graphics, and articles on our blog. In every project we take part in, education is a key factor in getting the message across.

Through these three pillars, we are able to spread the word about activism and fulfill the goals of our project even farther than is possible!

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