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Creativity and determination has always been the path to convincing large numbers of people to see the importance of a certain subject. Unfortunately, during this time, the climate, pollution, and animal ethics have become extremely important subjects that must be addressed to help guide the planet away from these misfortunes. Protests and debates have continued to go on for years pushing the path towards a healthier planet, but more work still must be done. Let's do our part and join the revolution to help people see the importance of these issues through art and creativity. 

We are planning a show to raise money for environmental causes, but most importantly, show people how many are joining together to put a stop to the mistreatment of the environment, and to educate them on what errors they may be making and what they can do to help. For this show, we will be collecting art, photography, writing, music, and any form of creativity related to environmental health, so be sure to submit yours if you have any!






Currently, we have three ways you can participate in this event. We highly suggest you take up this opportunity as it will give you an excellent way to participate in society and make a change in your community. For environmentalists, it gives you a chance to make a change you can't have anywhere else. One way is to submit any creative work, another is to get participation from your school, and the third is to host an event.


  • It would be a great experience to get to participate or volunteer in a topic you are passionate about which you wouldn't find anywhere else

  • It would also be a great thing to add to your college resume as extracurricular activities and volunteering are highly appreciated (especially if you help host a show, you are sure to leave yourself in a positive light)

  • This is a simple and effective way to make a change in your community while otherwise it may be confusing

  • We will be there to guide and help you every step of the way so making a change such as hosting a show or getting participation will be super easy as there are many other participants you can talk to for help and suggestions, and we'll be there organising everything for you

  • You will be able to show your love for the planet through helping out - only a small portion of your time could make a difference


You can submit any form of creativity such as art, writing, poetry, a story, prose, music, photography, etc. relating to environmental health and why it is important to take care of the environment. It should follow this theme: It portrays issues with the environment that are important to you or raises light about environmental problems that may be understated. This can range anywhere from climate change, to ocean pollution and wildlife conservation. .

The art can be made out of any medium, it can be digital or real, art or photography, it can even be a sculpture or something 3 dimensional, and it can be any size you want! The only rule is that it must be about the environment. You can submit as many pieces as you want and the more the better! The writing can be in any style whether it be prose, poetry, short story, opinionative, etc. The only guidelines is should be in between 1 - 10 pages, in size 12 font, Times New Roman, single-spaced. Feel free to submit as many pieces as you want. These are the only guidelines, so feel free to use your creativity for the rest. You can also look at our gallery for past examples. To submit, click on the button below:


Have you ever wanted to get the chance to educate others on the importance of environmental health? With us, we can help you sign up to give a presentation at your school or another elementary, middle, or high school about environmental health and a specific environmental topic. After the presentation, you can guide them to create art, a story, or poetry and this will be collected and shipped to us for our art show. Not only will this give you a great chance to teach others, it will also be great for your future resumes on a way you participated in helping the environment. Click the button below and fill out the form if you would like to learn how to learn how to do this as we'll guide you through each step:


This is our last option, and an option we highly suggest, especially if you want to add a large event to your college resume as doing something like this could highly improve it. For this event, you would get the oppurtunity to host a show. We will have a chain of shows around the country, and each of them will get their own art and pieces to use for their show, which we will organise. When you are hosting a show, you will get a chance to find a physical place (such as your school or local library) where you can host this Environmental Extravaganza. It will be a place where you will set up all the art (as an art show), writing, and music, and people will buy tickets to visit these art shows as well as they can buy the art. The money will be used for community projects and environmental causes. You will also find a form of entertainment after the show (such as a talent show which you can hold auditions for at your school), or a local band, so that this will be a form of entertainment for the guests.

Although this might seem confusing, it isn't at all as we'll be there to give you all the art, help you set up the entire show, find out how to do everything, and what you'll need to do is take what we're helping you with and get it done in your area be at the physical location for the show to run it. Nothing will be done by yourself as we're here to guide you. All the participants who have started so far are having a great time.

Another thing is we suggest you get a group of friends with you to help set up the whole thing as it will be much easier if done in numbers, especially once it comes to actually hosting the show. If you pick a place that is already hosting a show, we'll let you know and you can join the ones hosting it to organize the show with them. The same thing goes if others are in the same area as you, they can join you to host the show and organise it. We really suggest doing this as it will be such a fun experience to learn something new, and is definitely not too hard! If you are in hosting a show, fill out the form by clicking the button below:


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