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Written by Pragya Thapa

Time is running out

The feeling is back

This is how I felt

when I first heard that knock;

The knock of danger,

The knock of death.

Speaking of death,

my dearest mom,

I miss you dearly.

It’s a shame though,

that I’ve failed

to remember your face clearly.

But I do remember

your courage

and your brave character.

I remember, mother

how you refused

to let go of me

and my brother.

Oh how angry you made that soldier,

with your stubborn behaviour.

He screamed at me,

“You, to the right”

that’s why I was able to make it out alive.

But you; you were dragged

to the left,

so ash is all that’s left

of you.


Oh how dearly you used to call me

Do you know what they call me, mommy?

Your son is now 76083.

As you were taken away,

I lost hold of dad’s hand

and went astray.

I found new hands to hold though

And to him I owe

love I’ll never be able to pay back.

Because just like dad,

he has turned into nothing but ash,

for he went into a chamber

assuring me he’d come back.

But all that came out of it

was smoke,

and a gruesome reminder;

reminder of danger,

reminder of death.

That chamber,

was an agonizing reminder

of people I loved

and people I lost.

But not anymore because

it’s the same chamber I’m being taken to;

and with me is dying my hope of escaping too.

I’m getting closer to the chamber

and so are people around me

What’d I do to deserve this;

this excruciating cruelty?

My dreams, my hopes,

as well as me,

all shall cease.

Just like my family,

ash is all that’ll be left of me.


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