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A Poet’s vacation

By Joshua Lefort

When asked why poetry,

I respond:

In poems, I trust.

In the power of words, I believe.

In the freedom of writing, I preach.

There is nothing more powerful than a man left to ponder upon his thoughts

because thoughts manifest as words

and words serve to build the bridge of change

My booklet is my audience: my notebook sets the stage.

A stage lined by fine seamless paper.

Armed with pens and quill from which I draw forth

like the divine Excalibur.

I wield the blade of conviction.

The ink that bleeds through my pen takes flight

like a butterfly

effecting those in need of change.

Every word I write causes a ripple

like a water droplet drawn to a motionless surface,

disrupting the semblance of peace we hold onto.

Poetry is lyrical alchemy

a mere droplet- a single word

can cause a tidal wave- a movement.


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