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About x in the lab

“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. ”-Hippocrates. This is one of my favorite quotes ever because I feel like it expresses the essence of my passion, my world, medicine. Hi everyone! I am Paula and I'm currently finishing bio sanitary Bachillerato. I have always known that I wanted to be a doctor, and even though it´s such a tough career to pursue, I have never thought about giving up. In high school, I remember how happy I was every time I had to study something that had to do with the human body. I think it´s really interesting and that there are a lot of mysterious things that have to be discovered yet. I consider myself an entrepreneur because I always want to start new projects and that's how I did X In The Lab! The aim of it is to give people that maybe haven´t had the luck of learning science the opportunity to discover how amazing and interesting it is with just one click! My page is focused more on medicine as it´s my passion and in it, I have sections like the takeovers one in which I help my followers understanding how is the real life of a doctor, a med student, a nurse, a nursing student, a PhD student, etc; to help them decide by giving them real information and examples of people that are on that life that they dream about. I start my medical journey very soon and I´m excited to share my journey with all of you in my page!

Yours sincerely,

X In The Lab.


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