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Actions are worth more than Words

Written By: Shreya VEnkatachalam, 14

Texas, USA

Words carry strings of misunderstandings and piles of gilded lies. Actions on the other hand are definite and genuine. Actions are more powerful than words because they provide a physical representation of desires.

Many countries have spoken out, fought, and bled for independence and liberty. For example, Americans were under British rule for almost two hundred years, their pleas and grievances swatted away as nuisances. Tired of being ignored and pushed down, many patriots retaliated and dumped 342 chests of tea from the British India Trade Company into the Boston Harbour. This act of rebellion was a gunshot at the insolent British that finally attracted the attention of their mother country and ignited the independence movement in America. Hence, where words fail to send a strong message, actions make up for it by clearly making one’s wants public and visible.

Similarly, labeling emotions and putting love into words has proved to be difficult for many. For instance, in the book Crooked Kingdom, Leigh Bardugo portrayed the main protagonists Kaz and Inej as insecure, traumatized, and untrusting criminals who fell for each other despite the walls they built; however, they neither confronted each other nor believed in the confessions, having learned the hard way that words are often laced with the poison of deception. Understanding the doubt and suspiciousness words often lead to in their dangerous world, Kaz expressed his love for Inej by reuniting her with her long-lost family and constantly supporting her throughout her goal of capturing slavers across the country. By proving to her with actions that he will always save and hold on to her, both were able to accept the feelings they have for each other in confidence. Misinterpretations are very common in the perception of words, but actions give a concrete idea of how a person feels. This concrete depiction displays that the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’, carry a lot of weight.

Especially where intentions and emotions are involved, actions make a louder, more tangible effect compared to the uncertainty words leave room for. Ultimately, while the human mind constantly questions and ignores words, leaving them as nothing but ashes that fade away in the wind, actions are fired cannonballs that leave a lasting imprint.


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