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Color Does Not Define Me | Opinion

Written By Binta Marong, 15.

Atlanta, Georgia.

From the moment people of color enter this world, they are subject to many challenges against their will, solely because of their race. Not only do we have to deal with ignorance, social and emotional difficulties, but we have to deal with the misconception of our identities by stereotypes.

We hear it, we see it, and we experience it.

Racial stereotypes stem from the desperate actions and views of struggling minorities because of disadvantages and media propaganda. The media and these specific beliefs against POC even plague them amongst their races.

Stereotypes are pushed and forced onto us throughout our lives so much that we try our hardest to break free of these stereotypes instead of accepting ourselves for who we are. Don’t allow yourself to let go of who you are because you might be seen a specific way.

Every day I may feel like I have to alter myself in every way. Every day I may feel the pressure to silence myself because I don’t want to be perceived as angry. Every day I may feel the pressure to straighten my hair so I can fit the beauty standard. Every day I may feel to articulate in the best way and let go of my accent, or else I’m deemed ‘ghetto’ and uneducated.

But I realize I shouldn’t feel subject to alter myself at the risk of projected stereotypes. I should be able to be myself and express myself without being seen as something else. The color of somebody's skin does not define them. The body is a vessel. Soul, heart, and morals rise above any color.


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