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Written by Luca Fukuyo, 15, Canada

Why is it that one can hate

How one can hurt, despise a race

When generations ago, we built railroads for whites

Yet, shoved away and put in fights

The ones who brought cultures to share

In return, for a bit of peace?

Some appreciation?

Yet what we are is stolen

Taken from our families and friends

Highschool turns into constant heartache

And one by one

Classrooms become quiet and sorrow

As we breathe the empty air

Of the ones we lost

Respect your elders they say

But this is what we portray

For the hard work our ancestors went through

For the blood, sweat and tears they poured

To be treated like barbarians?

You called that justified?

After the struggles and hurdles we have defied

Walking alone is now a goal

As we wish to have a portion of control

Of changing that treatment of an imposter

And finally being a bit closer

To actually being valued for what we are

Silence fills the air

When another one is taken away from us

We’re on the verge of giving up in despair

grasping on to that one last rope

While it is slowly torn away from our hands

Letting go is so easy

As our voices will soon die away

From the gunshots heard at night on replay

One by one we disappear

No matter how it’s pretty clear

We’re shot away and wounded

So make a run for it ‘cause it’s doomsday

We’re “something to be ashamed of”

Something to be hidden

Trying to mask our own identities

Yet told to stand out by society


Step outside the shadows

and that’s how we disappear

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26 de abr. de 2021

Wow, great poem!

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