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Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Written by: Luca Fukuyo

It is estimated that as many as 55 elephants are illegally killed per day. According to WWF, they will be extinct by 2040 if we don’t act right away which is shocking to hear. Imagine growing up and seeing all these different species of animals and having them taken away from the face of the Earth a few years later. It’s devastating to see the impact that us humans have on these animals and our environment. Even small things that can harm animals should be avoided and human beings should take into consideration the detrimental effects we are creating on the animals every single day.

After the pandemic is over and we are able to travel again, putting more effort into protecting our environment while visiting different countries or locations around the world is important and necessary in order to preserve our wildlife. “When I was younger, I’ve always wanted to go to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand to volunteer, and that was something that I definitely still want to do in the future. The treatment of these species are inhumane and being able to take care of the abused and sick elephants would be a great opportunity to help out even in the slightest.” There are many elephant sanctuaries in Thailand who are reaching towards protecting the rescued animals and bringing them back to their natural habitat. Although this is something that is not necessary for all, putting the effort and working together towards meeting small goals and initiatives regarding the preservation of animals is something that should be done more often. There are so many ways people can help out, and even doing something small, can make a big impact on our environment and wildlife. Whether that is educating yourself or the people around you, the possibilities are endless.


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