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Gifts and Blessings

Written by Binta Marong, 15.

Atlanta, Georgia.

The body of a woman is her temple.

The body of a woman is her shrine.

From her head to her womb and her toes, she embodies intricacy.

The body of a woman is a physical manifestation of love, beauty, procreation, and emotion.

How must a woman feel when she is stripped of her temple.

How must she feel when her gift of procreation is no longer under her command.

When she has no power over her temple, it will crumble.

Her gift is a blessing.

She cherishes this gift, knowing not everybody has it.

She understands she has the right to embody her gift

But she also understands the choice to not embody is hers.

The small amount of power she has

The gift she has

The inevitable that she is blessed with is no longer hers.

The fate to embody or not to is decided by someone who does not understand her gift.

Scriptures she does not believe in are used against her.

She no longer is the manifestation she was.

She no longer is intricate.

She has no right over her gift.

How must she learn to love and cherish this blessing?


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