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Gun Control

By: Shreya Venkatachalam, 14

Texas, USA

The Bill of Rights- a list of 10 most necessary rights and laws any person needs. James Madison and other founding fathers of this nation include this Bill of Rights in the final Constitution, to provide solutions to all of their grievances under the rule of the British. After regaining the rights that were taken from them, after a long time, America achieved freedom. Among the 10 amendments, is the right for the people of America to own weapons. Under the Second Amendment, all citizens of the USA have the "right.. to keep and bear arms". This same amendment, proves as one of the most controversial topics in the United States of America.

Supporters of the right to bear arms believe it is an individual right and an act of self defense. Having a gun in their house, supposedly decreases situations of danger. However, the same gun that can be used to protect and defend yourself and your loved ones, can also be used to harm many other people out of hate and vengeance. People who may be innocent. According to an article in Gale in Context, hunting motivates 34% of people and personal safety motivates 61% people to own guns.

Both protection and violence are shadows of a gun. In my opinion, even the slightest chance of violence outweighs any possible protection.

Research in Gale shows that out of 39,773 people who died firearm related deaths in 2017, 14,542 people were killed in firearm homicides. Guns have proven themselves effective in harming and injuring many people in mass shootings. Most of the situations regarding shootings occur in high schools, destroying the futures of not only the victims, but also the wielder of the weapon. About 3 million kids in America face first hand experiences of highschool shootings and many develop trauma and a sense of paranoia because of it.

I understand that a gun also gives the feeling of protection to people, but ultimately it depends on the wielder. In my opinion, staking the safety of millions of kids and other citizens on the doubt that the person holding the gun is indeed using it for defensive purposes is too large of a gamble to take. Instead, increasing the security of the public by tightening police forces and making sure laws are properly executed and justice is properly meted out will result in safer people without the need for guns and weapons.


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