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Humans - The Trouble Maker

Written by Aliya Khan

When we talk about the greatest problems on Earth…

We talk about pollution…We talk about poverty...We talk about crime…We talk about war...

But what is the greatest problem on Earth??

Here is the simple answer:

It's US...

that’s right US...

We, the Human Beings...


Because when Earth came to life there was no crime,

there was no poverty,

and there was no war.

But when humans came, crime came, poverty came, and even war became to a norm...

What leads to these the difference in our belief, words and actions.

We say we are united but actually we have divided ourselves.

We have divided ourselves into Nations, Religions, Races, Casts, Genders etc etc

Why can’t we simply call ourselves earthlings. So much easier to remember.

We say men were born equal so why do we treat some people as insignificant as bugs... but some as important as Gods.

Why do we treat Americans and African American differently?

We talk about gender equality, but still discriminate between men and women.

Why do we do that?

Because we are ALL BARK AND NO BITE.

And that makes US the greatest problem on Earth!!


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