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Hypocrisy of Pro-life

Written by: Luca

Pro-life is an anti-abortion movement arguing that human life begins at conception and is the belief that all human life is equal despite their level of development; whether you are a preborn baby or an elderly person; your life matters no matter what.

But, it’s difficult to call the movement pro-life when politicans are working towards imprisonement or even making abortions punishable by death penalties. For instance, a Texas lawmaker filed a bill which would criminalize abortions to those who seeked the procedure, as well as the physicians performing it, facing charges and perhaps a death penalty as well. This bill did not exempt rape or incest as well, which made this bill more unbelievable. He further stated that, “It’s time Republicans make it clear that we actually think abortion is murder... Unborn children are dying at a faster rate in Texas than COVID patients, but Texas isn’t taking the abortion crisis seriously.”

There is a fundamental misunderstanding regarding the word ‘pro-choice’ and this term should not be associated with “pro-murder”. Being pro-choice defends a person’s access to basic human right to decide whether or not to have a child. Having the right and ability to choose the option to have an abortion for an unplanned pregnancy should be permitted, as it is important to be able to have bodily autonomy. In addition, if one does not have the capability or resources to support a child, they should be able to decide for the baby and themselves, what the best decision is for them.


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