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In Respect to the 98% (of Women)

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

By Kaylah Nguyen

Disclaimer: I fortunately have not experienced incidents such as sexual assault or rape but wanted to draw attention and awareness to such tragedies through my work, and to intensify the voices of those who have experienced it. My heart goes out to all victims. You are heard.

If my body and I are a precious soul

In need of protection and respect

Why must I fear you?

Why do you not treat me as such?

I am a burning flame of fire, hot with passion, and love, and wit

And yet you make me to be a cube of ice

So easy to melt till flat and formless

So easy to make wither away

Lifeless and unamusing

If it's not all men

Why have I not been heard and validated by one?

Why do I have to analyze so much to pick out the good from the bad and until then, fear them all?

The pain that pokes and prods and stings in my heart

Does not falter

Not as long as my voice is not heard

Weak above crowds

Despite how loud I shout

Not as long as my tearful inflamed eyes

Continue to weep, still moist

The bags under my eyes are making me weary for carrying in them the pain and weight of my tears wept for those of the 98%

Not while my clammy, lonesome hands are not held by those of my allies

Being yanked away by those who accuse that they are playing pretend

It might not be all men

But it is always a sister



or niece

If my body and I are a precious soul

In need of protection and respect

Why am I scoffed upon when I do what I must to protect it?


Apr 10, 2021

i love this


Apr 10, 2021

As a woman who has gone through this sort of experience, this is very touching to hear. I look forward to reading more from you talented young writers.


Apr 10, 2021

This is amazing poetry!

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