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into the unknown

Written by Sirsha Gupta

Crossing all borders,transcending all boundaries

I finally elbowed my way past the thicket of ebony;

Dense forests, devoid of sunlight,

Centuries old, witnessing all the fights;

As I walked along the impregnable road,

I struggled to keep my mind from running wild;

Mysterious roads, insecure and dangerous,

Which path to choose, the unknown or the obvious?

The dark like a blindfold, covered my eyes,

As I stepped into the misty unknown, retreating from the light

As I walked on that path of realisation,

Reality hit me

Driving me away from my illusion

Life was displayed like a motion picture,

And I could see every fatal mistake,

Every juncture,

I knew I couldn't turn back,

I knew I couldn't change things,

But my mind hardly paid heed.

I cruised along into the unknown

With bruises all over and worn

I took the last step and crossed the borders,

I took one brave step and erased all boundaries,

I took a small step towards the light

Stepping into the unknown domain,

So that I could see again.

~Sirsha Gupta




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