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Minimum wages

Written by: Ana-Maria Lee

The minimum wage is frequently defined as the lowest salary that a person can be paid under the law. Employees are compensated based on their level of skills, experience, and training. However, in most cases, workers are either over-quantified or underpaid for their jobs. In an ideal world,

employees are fairly compensated and treated in the workplace. However, we do not live in a flawless utopian society free of gender and occupational prejudices. In the previous year, the minimum wage in Trinidad and Tobago was increased from $15.00 per hour to $17.50 per hour. The higher wager was imposed because it would benefit about 194,000 workers. Perhaps the rationale for this rise is to raise the number of employees in the labour force, as well as to help with the country's 2015 economic crisis. A higher wager has certain advantages for employees. For starters, boosting the federal minimum wage will improve the overall standard of living for low-income workers. These employees would be able to afford their monthly expenses more easily, such as rent, vehicle payments, and other household expenses. Second, it has been suggested that raising the minimum wage has an observable effect on improving employee morale. Not only can happy employees contribute to a more cohesive, productive team, but they may also contribute to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Thirdly, employment may rise for particular workers or in particular conditions. Changes in employment would be reflected in the number of jobless, rather than merely unemployed, employees. Jobless people include both individuals who have left the labour field (for example, because they feel there are no employment opportunities for them) and those who are looking for employment.

To conclude, the minimum wage should be raised to an hour to enhance the standard of living for

low-income workers. The increase in the minimum wage would boost employee morale and create

more jobs for unemployed individuals.


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