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Only Humans

Written by Venus Aradhya, 15, Washington

only humans can take their home and destroy its health

instead they put above their own efficiency and wealth

they take what was given to them filled with beauty

and destroy it without a grain of integrity

now they pay for as it dies so will they

no place to call home, nowhere to stay

their one chance taken and gone

only they are selfish enough to drag others along

only humans can define one by their birth traits

their gender or race shall now set their life in place

their genes given at birth represent their rights

for not being a man makes life an endless fight

and don’t forget the unequal pay

because unless you’re male, you aren’t given the same

the color of their skin effects how they’re treated

the life they can live, defined by this feature

their rights, liberties, choices defined by these traits

we trap ourselves in this mentality with no open gate

only humans can hoard what others need

due to their own selfishness and greed

while billions suffer without water and food

others quench their thirst with mansions and useless goods

society has taught us to believe working hard will get us all we need

but when some are placed ahead from the start, others have no chance to succeed

how much does it cost for the rich to share a few dimes?

clearly too much as they never are able to provide

people collect money endlessly like it’s a game

when they pass will they lay it with them in their grave?

only humans are so simple minded to believe

their opinions are the standards for everyone else to repeat

a world filled with peace is much too far

as everyone is fighting for control and power

we’re stuck in a world where everyone believes they’re right

they want to harm others and get stuck in useless fights

because humans only care about their own place after it all

and only humans will be the cause of their own fall


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