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Political changes due to BLM

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Written by Shreya Venkatachalam, 14

Texas, USA

In the online article of the New York Times, “How Trump and the Black Lives Matter Movement Changed White Voters’ Minds," Astead W. Herndon and Dionne Searcey discuss how the popular #BLM movement and the protests across the nation evoke attention and change from the public; playing a significant role in America’s 2020 elections. Inspiring action through words, the exposure of racial injustice changes people’s priorities regarding the values they look for in political candidates, and the kind of change they desire in the country’s overall status of equality.

As rallies from both Joe Biden and Donald Trump feature many issues of race, white Americans show a developing “openness to candidates” who speak “frankly about systematic injustice.” The growing passion Americans are experiencing impacts the outcome of the election and the entire future path (Herndon and Searcey, 2020). Black Lives Matter now results in change, even on political levels. The public begins to prefer those who believe ending inequality is America’s highest priority, leading to an increase in political figures’ willingness to improve and attempt for better social relationships. Ultimately, the increasing number of passionate supporters for a cause lead politicians to take part in the issue and use their power to form candid promises and act upon them as they lead the start of a growing change.


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