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Pseudo feminism

Written by Ramandeep Kaur


When someone asks us that, “Are you a feminist?”, We might not be able to give the answer as a thought came to the mind that, “What is the feminism for you?”.

The beginning of the term was to remove the gender based discrimination faced by women. But with the passage of time, people are using the term in the wrong way.

This has been made difficult to understand that whether the person is talking about feminism or “Pseudo Feminism”. What’s the difference? Well Feminism is thatwomen deserve appreciation and respect like another human being.

Pseudo-feminism is announcing women deserve greater appreciation and respect, or that people of different genders deserve no respect. Living in a society in which women face numerous troubles in everyday lives, it’s worst that a few people are really destructing the word feminism.

Our society needs feminism which means everyone should be treated equally but no one requires pseudo feminism in which if a boy

slaps a girl then that’s violence and if a girl does so, then that’s her right. What do you want for your society? That’s totally your choice.


We live in a society where everyone knows about everyone else around them. But no one knows about the real essence of their own. Self awareness is a term coinedfor the same.

The experience of your own personality or individuality is what we calls self awareness. But why it’s important? It is important because if we have a better knowledge of ourselves firstly, we are able to engage with the experience of our uniqueness as an individual.

With this self understanding, we are able to strengthen our weakened parts and hence can live a fulfilled life. A life on our own terms. Who doesn’t want so? So, let’s take a step towards self awareness today.


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