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Written by Shreya Venkatachalam, 14

The silence is very loud.

I feel my thundering thoughts,

The ones

Locked up.

But these brooding thoughts

Rise from the depths of my mind’s abyss

And walk forth

As an army.

An armada gunned with cannons

Ready to repeatedly pummel

My heart,

My soul.

The thoughts I once suppressed now

Rule me.

Trigger my sorrow,

My regret,

My envy,

My grief,

My anger,

My self-loathing.

They swallow me

And their glee,

The sounds of their cheshire smiles

Drown my screams.

And all at once,

I want someone to see me writhe in agony.

And all at once,

I want someone to hear me yell.

And all at once,

I want someone to hold me

While I cry to my heart’s content.

And all at once,

The fact that I craved

For peace and quiet

In silence

Seems to be foolish ignorance on my part,

For the silence never is truly silent.


It’s deafening.


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