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The Sea level Situation

Written by Venus Aradhya, 15, Washington

When I look out at the see

All I see are hints of greed

Of oil companies with money in need

Of people with plastic waste that will eventually weed

It’s way into the deep

Harming creatures and reefs

The earth is only getting warmer

And with it our seas higher

But is this what we want?

The ending we desire?

Water is over spilling onto the coasts

Enough to take out cities

Homes are getting lost

And with that our last opportunity

To stop this for good

Put an end to climate disaster

But will our own comfort come in the way of helping nature

Around me people suffer with water in excess

But elsewhere, a few drops of it is truly the best

Floods destroy lives and towns making it all drown

Everywhere I look water covers the ground

A change must be made to protect our lands

From the devastating ocean situation at hand

While in the future the seas may conquer our cities

Echoes of hope remain in the climate change debris

If we change our habits for the better deliberately

And make our actions help the Earth environmentally

Plans to decreasing sea level rise may succeed

We’ll all be free from homes lost to the sea


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