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The Skin I'm In

Written by Binta Marong, 16.

My skin is the color of the earth.

Rich, and filled with expensive melanin.

Emeralds, rubies, gold, and diamonds cannot compare to the essence that I hold.

My complexion holds power in the way I talk, show, and how I'm perceived by others.

From the fairest to the richest of skin colors, the aura of royalty and beauty radiate constantly.

Young girl, your complexion is beautiful.

From the coolest and warmest of undertones complexions vary.

Colorism may plague society, but you must rise above.

Learn to love your complexion, your creator made you and declared you perfect.

No individual on this earth has the same complexion, your skin is what protects you, your skin is what differentiates you from everyone else.

The euphoria you possess when in love with your skin is unmatched

Love it, and cherish it, nobody else compares.


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