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To Those not Taking the Pandemic Seriously

Across the globe

1.98 million deaths.

1.98 million people who uttered their last breath.

Families have lost mothers,



And Daughters.

Yet you claim it’s all just a hoax

1.98 million bodies are no joke.

You throw parties

While hospitals throw bodies.

You go out with friends

While others struggle to comprehend.

But you just click your glass

While the deaths surpass.

Hop on a plane won't you

Maybe you'll get to see a Kangaroo

Infect many along the way

Don’t worry if they never see another birthday

Cause you enjoyed your vacation

While havock filled your nation.

Your refusal to stay home

Must be some type of syndrome.

You’re too ignorant to realize

And everyone around you dies.

The moment you sneeze

The world around you will freeze.

Maybe then you'll wake up

See the damage you've done

Hoping not to infect your grandson.


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