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Boys Don't Cry

Written By: Kaylah Nguyen

Like venom tainting the skin of a host from a parasite

It spreads swiftly and rapidly, dominating the

Minds of men

The mirror reflecting manly

But interior reflecting exhausted

Exhausted at mending every mental crack with the

Most inefficient of glue

Till at all falls apart

Because "boys don't cry"

Coarse and not frilly because feminine men should Not identify as such

Trucks because even a glance at a doll

Would lead to bullying

Societal torture

In the blink of an eye

The mirror can only tell so much of what the body truly wants to tell

A smile where the mouth is

Where there should be a speaking tongue

That stays silent and still

Despite wanting to say a thousand words that he feels he cannot say

Eyes devoid of emotion

Where there should be tears

Letting emotions creep in and leave on their own

Because expression makes less of a man

A smile kept on all day until dawn

Until he lets himself break at eve on his own

With muffled cries

Letting no one know that he is humane

Because fragile and emotional

Strong and courageous

Cannot coexist

I urge him to cry by my side

Letting him learn all the human things he never got to do

Wishing that masking and suppressing weren't all he knows

Intoxicated and manipulated by unjust ideologies

By toxic masculinity

Description/Why I Choose This Topic: Society is used to fitting those who identify as men and women into a box, to fit stereotypes that have been carried down for generations upon the very establishment of America, and other countries, ideologies affected deeply by the patriarchy. I wrote this piece to illuminate issues that are commonly seen when men are sucked into these ideologies, and manipulated about the stereotypes that make or break the image of a man. Men, you are all seen, heard, and understood, and it is my greatest desire that you will be able to break these unrealistic expectations, to learn and express and love yourself as you are, and not for what society wants you to be.


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