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Written by Venus Aradhya, 15, Washington

Night falls, dawn arrives, let her wings slowly rise

Guide her towards a spotlight, as it slowly leaves her sight

Dust at her feet, light in her eyes, world spinning around

Dreams chasing me, head stays up, as their feet leave the ground

She feels the wing sighing her, feathers rising slowly

She’s them fall into the sky, as they escape her eyes

She’s stranded, no answers cemented thickly down

Hopes lost, dreams gone what has she become now

Shreds tearing through the empty chambers of her soul

They float, she sinks falling fast until she knows

She wasn’t gifted wings to walk a thousand miles

Her songs can bless the world yet she muffles them with smiles

Her wings are the chains that pull her down

Heavier than weights

For she is her greatest enemy

To wrong the right

And stop her flight

Author’s note:

I wrote this poem about someone, representative of our youth today who is afraid of going forward because they don’t believe in themselves. Oftentimes, we are our own greatest enemy. If we learn to understand our weaknesses, we won’t be so scared and we’ll be more confident in what we do.


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