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Life’s mystery

by Joshua Lefort, 17, Canada

Life is a fluid and timeless entity,

flowing through my veins

like a majestic stallion galloping on the lightest of clouds,

and radiating off of my skin

like vapour seeping through the muzzle of a scorching hot porcelain tea kettle

Life cycles through us like a water droplet cycling through mother nature

Till it evaporates reclaimed by the sun´s parched lips.

Life is a currency that is traded in

like stacks of poker chips at the time keeper´s shop.

It has yet to be tamed and so it runs free

like the king of the jungle in the vast planes of the safari.

The puzzling notion of life repels those who dare challenge it

like magnets destined to push back one another.

It slips away from us

like a fine cut ice cube melting away without in our very hands.

And the word’s mellow ring gently rolls off the tip of my tongue and lands on my resting lips

like a leaf determined to gracefully descend onto a dark and rich soil.


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