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Two Girls in Love

Updated: May 2, 2021

Writer: Shreya Venkatachalam, 14

Texas, USA

Everyone is decked out,

Heels and tuxedos blazing

Laughter and drinks exchanging,

Friends and lovers partying,

Students and teachers alike let loose and free.

Songs are coming and going.

Food is being gorged.

But suddenly,

Time seems to come to a standstill,

Music seems to slow down,

And the light seems to highlight

One couple.

One clad in gold satin that contrasts the

Mahogany of her skin

And another,

Pale skin and green eyes

Brought out by her cascading red gown.

Both stand there in the spotlight

Fate has voluntarily given them,

And gaze into each other’s eyes

With happiness,



As if the entire room sees this at once,

An echo of gasps rings through the now

Silent room.

Shocked whispers run through the crowd,

Yet the two women stand strong and brave,

And they intertwine their fingers with a

Lover’s caress.

The two women twirl and dance

To the song of their souls and

Announce to the world in a silent whisper that

They love someone who society deems


They love each other.

And they give the rules no care.

Noticing the couple's carefree love,

Toothy grins and whistles ring through the now

Cheering room.

Wishes of congrats run through the crowd,

And the two women smile in content

At the shocking, yet


Acceptance for their love from



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