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Call me a sinner

Written by Rocell Trinidad, 16, Philippines

Call me a sinner

Oh, for I must comply

the mind longs for serenity and

thus do the heart,

there is no mistake

for it is destined

hence, we cannot depart

The subject we cannot change,

it is embedded and

it holds

But perception is fluid,

So why can't we mold it?

Why can't we alter it?

For other lovers

desperate for acceptance

and appreciation,

Why can't we change?

"We tolerate," they say

"as long you don't show it

-feel it or act upon it, but we'll tolerate!"

What is toleration without display?

It is the opening of a flower on a winter night,

It is the earth without the sun,

Thus, fruitless, lifeless, and weak.


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