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The Great Wave of Plastic | Art

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

Ocean pollution art

Art by Venus Aradhya, 14

Washington, USA


Artist's Statement

My art is based on the renowned Japanese painting of the great wave. I decided to make it more realistic and modern, exhibiting our ocean nowadays which is filled to the brim with plastic and trash. It displays the theme no time to waste by taking a legendary beautiful painting of the serene ocean, and showing people how it would look with our ocean now, which makes them realize that over time, our ocean's beauty has diminished, and there is no time to waste to clean it up. This issue is very important to me since we have one planet, and it is our responsibility to keep it clean for future generations to flourish on Earth, and people shouldn't take for granted the technology we have because soon enough, global warming will cause drastic sea-level rise harming coastal cities, and pollution harms animals that haven't done anything to deserve this treatment. I hope this art shows people what reality is and forces them to admit that our ocean isn't as beautiful as it once was, so it is our job to help clean it up. I also hope that people will take environmental concerns with global warming more seriously to help our planet redeem its serenity.


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